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Monday, October 23, 2006

Major Hotels Making Efforts to Accommodate Kosher Travelers

Kosher Today's Sarah Cohen reports that some major hotels are making significant efforts to accommodate kosher travelers:
In a survey of some of the largest hotels in the country, KosherToday found that virtually all of the hotels had some program in place to supply the glatt kosher meals. Most appeared anxious to court the kosher traveler. The Palmer House Hilton said that with advanced notice, they can prepare a kosher meal from one of the frozen meals they stock. The airline type meals can be heated while sealed and delivered to the room. New York's Waldorf Astoria and Ritz Carlton Central Park order in any food that guests want. If guests specify the restaurant and the food they want, both hotels said that they would gladly make the arrangements. The Four Seasons orders its meals from Levana's
Restaurant on Manhattan's West Side. Boston's Seaport Hotel orders its kosher meals from Catering by Andrew. The Hyatt Harborside at Boston's Logan International Airport orders food from local kosher restaurants. In Los Angeles, the Beverly Hilton gets its meals from Kosher on Wheels from California Kosher Catering. Most of the hotels were anxious to accommodate kosher travelers, but strongly urge that arrangements be made well in advance.

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